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What If you could?

  • Finally ask consumers how they would like to receive your company information in a timely manner over the medium of their choice?
  • Have a cost effective broadcast messaging tool which adheres and manages opt-in / out-out procedures for you across several communications mediums? .

What is Consumer Decoder™?
Blast Companies Consumer Decoder is a data capture application which enables brands and ad agencies the ability to speak to consumers on their terms. During the registration process, we gather relevant contact information, via the web, segmenting consumers into several different communication groups. During this time we also ask consumers to choose a preferred medium of contact for future brand dialog opportunities. This provides brands a real opportunity for increased loyalty since they decide how they would like to be communicated to. When it is time for the brand to speak with a consumer, relevant information is sent to the appropriate group thus increasing the overall effectiveness of the broadcast message campaign and the desired action needed to be taken.

Whether text messaging, bulk e-mail or voice broadcasting, Blast Companies Consumer Decoder™ allows our clients to send relevant information to their consumers efficiently and cost-effectively within one application.

Why use Consumer Decoder™?
Consumers are being bombarded with an increased amount of messages on a daily basis and they are mandating brands become more creative and respectful of their time.

How is Consumer Decoder™ used?

  • Complete registration processing for promotional events, including credit card processing
  • Relevant and timely weather and disaster alerts
  • Gather product preferences for future dialog
  • Brand communications - new products, promotions, and reminders

Please visit Consumer Decoder to see our website in action or you can call us directly at 888-642-5278 and speak to a sales consultant to see how Consumer Decoder™ will meet broadcast marketing your needs!

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